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We provide comprehensive care to our patients. You will get a thorough understanding of your dental issues and what can be done to help you be in optimal dental health.

Why choose us?

Dr Brijesh Patel’s Brij Dental Clinic, Ahmedabad, India, is a 9 year of practice. At our clinic we have specialists from all fields of dentistry who cater to individual needs of every patient.

At any of our Specialty clinics we feature ideal, yet realistic treatment protocols and “state of art” treatment results. Read More

At BRIJ DENTAL CLINIC our passion is providing our patients with genuine care and excellent dentistry every single day. Our specially trained staff can serve you in all your oral health needs.

Dr Brijesh Patel’s dream of creating an excellent dental practice started with understanding the nature of human fear towards dentistry, complexity of dental treatment and bringing in years of experience for each client we treat at our facility. Each individual at our facility undergoes complete oral care and treatment is customized to reach an end result – Healthy Teeth and Gums.

At our facility we provide one to one service. Doctors come with a rich knowledge of current technology and research data. This along with mandatory training on a regular basis makes our clinical team the best in the area.
Our facility is equipped with high technology dental systems to provide superior diagnostics.  The highly advanced digital imaging (x-ray) system will allow our dentist to better diagnose the dental problems. Our facility maintains OSHA standards (USA) of infection control and our team is trained in Sambramky infection control.

Using the most advanced dental technology possible is just as important as staying up-to-date on the latest treatment techniques. Because our practice is dedicated to providing you with the safest and most convenient treatment options available. Read More

We at Brij Dental Clinic Ahmedabad India, follow Strict sterilization and infection control protocol given by WHO, IDA and ADA.

We Follow Following International Health Care Guidelines:
1. WHO guidelines on hand hygiene in health care
2. Guidelines for environmental infection control in health care facilities
3. CDC Guideline for infection control

All of the instrumentation that is placed in a patient’s mouth is either disposable (used only once) or sterilized. Read More

We have a vast pool of highly qualified and experienced specialist doctors who have the skills and expertise to deal with all dental problems. Based on the information/documents provided by you, our Director & Chief Implantologist Dr. Brijesh S. Patel M.D.S. (Guj Uni First) & Team of specialist will decide the treatment plan which is best for you. Read More

I live in NewZealand, was on holiday in India and came across Brij Dental Clinic online. I have undergone implant and clear path treatment with them, and found them thoroughly professional with prompt, polite and smiling service …always available to answer any queries even if living overseas…would recommend any day for your teeth care. Check Original Review At Clinic’s  Google Plus Page.
Malini Patel (Newzealand)


Our practice prides itself on providing the very finest level of service, from a simple filling to complex cosmetic dentistry.

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