Painless Root Canal Treatment (RCT or Root Canal Surgery)

Dr Brijesh Patel (MDS UNI FIRST)’s Brij Dental Clinic Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India, provides painless root canal treatment with Advanced PROTAPER TECHNOLOGY (Dentsply USA) using latest endomotor and RVG instant xray system. He is Specialist in single sitting painless Root Canal Treatment practicing in naranpura, Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

Dr Brijesh is also specialized in treating failed Root Canal Cases(Re RCT Cases), Repeated Root canal Cases and treating complications associated with old infected rootcanal cases. He is trained under Dr P D JOSHI, for Rootcanal and Repeated Rootcanal cases.

Indications of Root Canal Treatment :

Root canal treatment is one of the popular treatments that saves the tooth by removing the pulp tissue of the tooth. The treatment is usually indicated in the following cases:

Infection of the tooth: In this case, an untreated decay of the tooth may lead to inflammation and infection of the pulp. This can be dangerous when the infection spreads to the surrounding bony structures.
Trauma to the tooth: Any kind of trauma to the tooth will evoke a pulpal reaction. In many cases, the trauma might have occurred years back to be manifested as a new case of infection. Chronic irritation and trauma can also lead to the infection of the pulp.

Whatever be the reason for the infection, prompt treatment and filling of the root canals is essential to control the infection and bring the tooth back to the normal state. It is almost impossible to retain such an infected tooth without doing root canal treatment, and the other option is to extract the affected tooth and get it replaced.


Symptoms of Pulp Exposure :

You can seek immediate dental care if you have any the following symptoms:
Spontaneous pain of the tooth or pain in response to hot stimulus that does not subside. This can be present with or without a swelling in relation to the affected tooth/teeth.
Discoloration of teeth or fractured teeth
Our teeth have their own circulation and nerves. The veins and nerves running inside the teeth can be damaged by various factors (such as deep decay or trauma).

The root canal treatment process :

  • following anesthesia, the inside of the tooth is revealed
  • the next step is determining the length of the root canal with the help of either an x-ray or an electronic measuring device
  • afterwards, the root canals are opened and cleaned
  • the filling of the root canals is done partially and completed at a later session after temporarily closing the tooth
  • the last step is checking the filling with the help of an X-ray

Benefits of Root Canal Treatment :

  • Root Canal Treatment can prevent or stop toothache and/ or infection.
  • Root Canal Treatment allows otherwise unsalvageable teeth to be saved and then restored
    fixed), with either a filling or crown.
  • Without Root Canal Treatment the tooth would inevitably have to be removed due to pain and/ or infection. There is also a risk that the infection can spread beyond the tooth if RCT is not done.

Preventive Measures :

Early restoration of the decayed teeth and periodic check up can prevent the infection of the pulp tissue.

Images of RootCanal Treatment :


Ankit Shastri
“Dr. Brijesh patel and staff are friendly and caring professionals. He is extremely competent, meticulous, and skilled in dentistry and patient care. Over the years, I have had fillings, crowns and cleanings. All done without problems or stress. This includes work done for my mother and cousin’s wife. He also makes use of the latest technology to enhance his services. I would recommend Dr. Brijesh patel based on successful treatment, advanced clean and comfortable facilities,smart and well -trained staff, and a philosophy that pays attention to detail from the top all the way down.” Check Original Review At Clinic’s Google plus page. 
Ankit Shastri