Surgical Treatments

Surgical Treatments :

Dr Brijesh Patel is one of the best dental surgeon ahmedabad, Gujarat providing all dental surgeries under one roof.

He and his team of Oral Surgenos having expertise in dental surgeries e.g. Frenum removal surgery, Biopsy of Suspected precancerous lesion and soft tissue lesion, Oral Cancer Surgery, Cyst And Tumor Removal (Cyst Enucleation and Marsupurisation – Tumor Excision), Mouth opening Surgery for Oral Submucuous Fibrosis Treatment (Mouth opening Surgery With Laser and Skin Grafting), Maxillofacial Fractures Wiring And Plating and Gum surgery.


Minor surgeries :

Tooth Extractions
Wisdom Tooth Extraction
Frenectomy – Tounge Tie Treatment
Incisional Biopsies for Suspected Soft Tissue Lesions
Sinus Lift Surgeries
Alveoloplasty- Levelling of Bone
Apicectomy- Cyst Removal

Major surgeries :

Oral Surgery for OSMF (oral Fibrosis Treatment)
Cyst and Tumors Treatment
Maxillofacial Fractures- Wiring and Plating
TMJ Surgeries

Before and After Images Of Dental Surgical Treatments :

1&2 Apicectomy (Cyst Removal):

3&4 Hemisection (Removal of Half of Infected tooth):

5 Third Molar Surgery:

6&7 Laser Removal of Gingival Growth:

8&9 Frenum Removal :

10 &11 Cancer Treatment:

12 &13 Mouth Opening Result After Surgical Treatment of OSMF( Fibrosis)




Anshul Kumar
“I have undergone root-canal surgery and molar extraction from Dr. Brijesh Patel. Would highly recommend him to anybody who is in need of any dental procedures. During my consultation, he very patiently explained the procedures that had to be done. The only issue that really concerned me was the pain associated with these treatments, but Dr. Brijesh assured me that there would virtually be no pain at all. And contrary to popular belief, the root canal surgery and the molar extraction were almost painless. His team is brilliant and they take utmost care of you. I had to reschedule my appointments 3-4 times due to my odd office hours and he was always at help. Definitely check him out if you are in need of any dental procedures.”  Check Original Five Star*****Rated Review At Clinic’s Google Plus Page.
Anshul Kumar