Painless Wisdom Tooth Removal

Painless Wisdom Tooth Removal (Third Molar Surgery)

Dr. Brijesh S Patel M.D.S. and his Oral and maxillofacial surgeons associates are proud to offer wisdom tooth surgeries at our Ahmadabad’s best dental clinic Dr Brijesh Patel’s Brij Dental Clinic & Implant Center at naranpura, ahmedabad, India. We also take refer cases of difficult third molar surgeries.
Dr Brijesh Patel is one of the best dental surgeon ahmedabad, Gujarat providing all dental surgeries under one roof. He is master of dental surgeon MDS (Uni First) having expertise in all dental surgeries e.g. dental implants, Third molar Surgery, Gum surgery.

Steps of Availing Third Molar Surgery At Brij Dental Clinic, Ahmedabad, India :

Step 1 – Consulting By Dr Brijesh S Patel MDS at Brij Dental Clinic, Ahmedabad.
Step 2 – Check up And Taking Xray
Step 3 – When Possible Painless injection will be given and third molar surgery with advanced technique will be carried out immediately.
Step 4 – Medications and symptomatic relief will be given So minimum swelling or discomfort.


How much does Wisdom tooth surgery cost in India? Particularly Ahmedabad, Gujarat :

The fee basically depends on the Dentist’s qualification (BDS or MDS), experience and work setting. But still Wisdom tooth surgery cost varies from 900 to 6000, because so many things to consider from clinical aspect, Radiographs (OPG or IOPA), Surrounding vital structures e.g. (Mandibular nerve, Lingual or Facial Artery, Maxillary sinus and other vital structures in head and neck. )


It depends on the clinical condition and Xray of the wisdom tooth

  • Type of impaction of (trapped in bone) tooth
  • Maxillary (Upper jaw third molar) or Mandibular (Lower jaw third molar). Maxillary wisdom Teeth are easy to remove as compared to mandibular when they are fully erupted. While mandibular wisdom teeth are difficult due to bony entrapment.
  • Grossly decayed (Takes more time to remove as it breaks while removing.)
  • Involved with pus and infection (Takes more effort to control the clinical condition)
  • Firm and completely erupted in mouth (If it is not seen in oral cavity it requires surgery to open it first, then surrounding bone removal and sutures)


As A summary Maxillary wisdom tooth costs 900 -1500(Erupted) to 2500-3500 (Deep Bony Impaction) while
Mandibular wisdom tooth costs 1500-2000 (Erupted ),
3500 to 6000 (Mesioangular, Distoangular or Horizontal)


Why is wisdom tooth removal necessary? :

Some of us are unaffected by them, others develop painful conditions that require their immediate removal. It is not always a wise decision to keep your wisdom teeth. Find out why they may need to be removed, and where to find them in your mouth.

What are wisdom teeth? :

The third molars, known simply as wisdom teeth, erupt between the ages of 17 and 21 years old. The average person’s mouth will comfortably hold 28 of the 32 teeth we are predisposed to have. Since the wisdom teeth are the last teeth to erupt, there is often little room left to accommodate their size and anatomy.

During your check-up, Dr. Brijesh S Patel M.D.S. may take x-ray to diagnose the need for their removal. This x-ray gives the dentist a clear view of the area around the wisdom teeth, to determine the type of extraction necessary for each tooth. If you require surgery to remove your wisdom teeth, it is helpful to prepare yourself before your appointment for a speedy recovery.

Why are wisdom teeth removed? :

  • They are erupting in to an abnormal position, such as tilted, sideways or twisted.
  • They are trapped below the gum line due to lack of space.
  • An infection has developed from trapped food, plaque and bacteria, known as pericoronitis.
  • The way the patients teeth bite together has changed, causing misalignment of the jaws.
  • The erupted wisdom tooth lacks proper hygiene, because it is hard to reach, resulting in tooth decay.

Types Of Implacted Third Molar Surgeries At Brij Dental Clinic, Ahmedabad (Winter’s Classification) :

The classification is based on the inclination of the impacted wisdom tooth (3rd molar) to the long axis of the 2nd molar. At Brij Dental clinic, Center for Advanced Oral and Maxillofacial surgery, Dr Brijesh S Patel, oral and maxillofacial surgeon provides painless best of world standard Oral Third Molars (wisdom tooth- Impacted tooth) removal surgeries at his clinic.

  • Mesio-Angular. The impacted tooth is tilted toward the 2nd molar in a mesial direction.
  • Disto-Angular. The long axis of the 3rd molar is angled distally / posteriorly away from the 2nd molar.
  • Horizontal. The long axis of the 3rd molar is horizontal.
  • Vertical. The long axis of the 3rd molar is parallel to the long axis of the 2nd molar.
  • Transverse. This is where the tooth is in effect horizontally impacted but in a cheek-tongue direction .

How are Wisdom teeth (Impacted Third Molars) removed? (Painless Way) :

  • After any elected methods of sedation have started to take effect, the Dr. Brijesh S Patel M.D.S. will start the procedure by:
  • Numbing the tooth and tissues in the area of the mouth, where the wisdom teeth are located, with local anesthetic.At Brij Dental we Use Ultra Thin Needles And Instrument From Septodent France For Painless Anaesthesia.
  • Any tissue and bone that is covering the tooth will be removed with the HITECH surgical instruments.
  • Extraction instruments are used to loosen the tooth from any connective tissue in the tooth’s socket.
  • Once the tooth is loose enough, the Dr. Brijesh S Patel M.D.S.removes it with dental forceps.
  • It may be necessary for the dentist to use stitches to close the tissue to aide in the healing process. Follow all of the instructions after surgery for a full recovery.


Dr. Brijesh is expertise in dental, I had done my 3M lava crown treatment from him and it was awesome. His work is too clean perfect and never painful. I live in USA but still I came from far along only to get his treatment. Wish to always stay in touch with the doctor whenever it comes to dental problem. Original ∗∗∗∗∗Review at Clinic’s Google Plus Page.
***** Shruti Parmar (USA)